Project You Coaching specializes in Fitness + Wellness + Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

Project You Coaching | Virtual Fitness Coaching is a 100% Online Training Program!  If you are looking for quality workouts, educational information, fitness + health tips, motivation, support, and simplicity within a program - you are in the right place!  We have created a Virtual Fitness Coaching Program that has ALL the components of Personal Training!

There is NO better way to GET FIT, LEAN & STRONG!


Are you looking for something specific?!  Something designed just for you with ONLY YOUR GOALS in mind?!  Well you are in the right place!  You have goals....why not work towards them with a skilled coach guiding you along the way!?

We design programs for our clients in 4 week increments!  You will have everything you need to hit your goals! + The program is delivered to you on your very own [password protected] webpage - where only you will have access!


We get it, you feel like you're doing things right and your just not seeing the results your looking for.  It's frustrating.  Project You Coaching is here to offer YOU NUTRITION COACHING to help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals!  You are in the right place.

We am here to help you get in the best shape of your life.  Plus, we will work together for you to stay that way for good!

*Please note that we are not medical professionals. Our information and workouts are only meant to be a guide.  READ HERE for more information. Consult your doctor before beginning a new workout program.