• Improve pelvic floor strength
  • Decrease strain in upper body from holding our little ones
  • Increase overall strength
  • Decrease back pain
  • Improve nutrition habits for you and baby
  • Increase mood and mindfulness
  • Find the NEW you after baby

This program was designed and created for the postpartum fit momma.  It is best when used right after being cleared by your OB or Midwife for exercise.  It is very important that you are given the okay to exercise prior to following any of the guidance provided in this program.  This program is not designed to heal or correct diastis recti or to ‘lose the baby weight’ – it is designed for you to strengthen and prepare your body to get back to regular exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor.  Weight loss will most likely occur due to increased activity and a focus on your nutrition… but let’s not have that be the main focus + priority!

The #6weekppp is perfect for a 12 week Maternity Leave.  6 weeks of rest/recovery, then another 6 weeks of this program.. then back to work [for some of you!]  This is a great way to build back into a schedule and routine ++ have some time for you!

GIRL – let’s DO this!!!


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