ProjectYOU 14 Day Challenges will be held for the first 2 weeks of EACH month!!


  • Feel Confident in Your Workouts
  • Improve Strength
  • Improve Mobility/Flexibility
  • Gain Confidence in Your Nutrition
  • Tone Up [Increase Muscle Mass + Decrease Body Fat]


  • 14 Days of Workouts
  • 3 Days of Pre-Challenge Prep
  • Mix of Strength, Cardio/HIIT + Mobility and Yoga
  • Videos for EACH day with Form/Guidance
  • 25-30 min Workouts
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Daily Activities
  • Accountability
  • All Within a Private Facebook Group
  • 1 LIVE Event Each Challenge for YOU to Ask Questions

These challenges break down to a total of about $2 per day during the 14 days!  However, you can repeat these workouts the last 2 weeks of the month to get it down to about $1 per day!  Then start up the following month with us again 🙂

What so great about this challenge?  The level of AWESOME that comes with the accountability and community involved! It is a group of motivated women who encourage and cheer each other on throughout!  There is nothing like the feeling of a whole group of women working together [virtually] towards becoming their best selves!

We use minimal equipment in the challenge.  A lot of challengers have dumbbells, but many use soup cans and other odds and ends they have lying around the house.  As of the August 2020 challenge - we will be including resistance bands during the challenges.  Please reach out to me [Brittany] via social media or email for a link to the set of resistance bands that I purchased and recommend getting for the challenge.  It has 5 bands w varying resistances, handles and ankle straps.  There is also a door jam included so that you can be super versatile with using the bands!

You will have access to Brittany throughout the entirety of the 14 Day Challenge.  I will also be hosting a LIVE Event during EACH challenge where you will have the opportunity to ask alllll the questions!

The goal of these challenges - is to grow your confidence in: yourself + fitness + wellness + nutrition + lifestyle