Project You Coaching was designed with a well rounded approach to living your healthiest life.  Every single person on this earth has a different story.  A different journey.  We are here to help you express your truest self as you progress within your health + fitness journey.

You are unique.  Don't try and fit into this worlds crazy standards.  Stand out.  You were meant to!


14 DAY CHALLENGES  |  These challenges have a huge focus on results + accountability + community!  It is an ongoing program provided for YOU within a Private Facebook Group.  Challenges run the first 2 weeks of each and every month.  Those two weeks have daily posts with education, workout of the day AND a video with guidance on how to perform the exercises.  The next two weeks, the group stays live where you can repeat the workout [practicing progressive overload] and stay connected with your community.  After that, a new challenge begins and we do it all again!  Each challenge is NEW and different.  It is a program that can be used as your regular workout program.

Each Challenge includes strength training, cardio from various formats, mobility, stretching and yoga.  No two workouts are the same.  You will always be guided by ME on how to perform the moves, where to feel it and how to get the most benefit from the moves.

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6 WEEK POSTPARTUM PROGRAM  |  This program was designed for the postpartum momma.  It is all about getting your body moving in a healthy + safe way after you are cleared for exercise.  Our focus is on healing, recovery and regaining pelvic floor strength.

Many new moms come to me with concern about losing the baby weight and getting back to their pre baby weight / bodies.  I understand that feeling, I myself gained 50lbs while pregnant with my daughter, Olivia.  But the first thing we need to focus on is healing and properly relearning how to engage our pelvic floor and deep core muscles.  During this program, you will learn how to do those things properly, so that when you are ready to get back to your regular workout program, you will be ready.

This program includes strength training, demonstration videos for each move, educational videos for each workout block, journaling activities etc.

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I understand that making the step towards good health can be a challenging one.  Typically, we all know what we need to do... but it is about actually doing those things.  We need to be prepared and ready with strategies in place to make fitness + movement happen..to make good nutritional choices happen..to make wellness and a healthy lifestyle happen.

Making the time to do those things is much more challenging without a support system in place.  That's where we come in.  Our 14 Day Challenges are a great way to not only have an educational coach leading you.. but you will have a community of women working WITH you the whole way!

If you are a new mom.. I would highly recommend starting with the 6 Week Postpartum Program so that your body is ready for the 14 Day Challenges prior.  After that, the Challenges will be a great next step!